Done is better than perfect

Does it make sense to write a blog post about every video I make? No. Why wouldn't I just put it in the video? Well, I'm learning. I'm always learning. One of the first quotes I can think of came from a high school writing class. Bethany was teaching it and she always told us to write a shitty first draft. I have always had difficulty with this. More often than not I will choose to walk away from a project that seems "bigger then I can handle" because I don't want to look stupid. Now the jokes on me, I regularly look stupid (it's mostly my hair)... That isn't the point.
Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life, and it is the main obstacle between you and a shitty first draft. -Anne Lamott  Even this silly Tide PODS video. I was almost done and I shut down the program because it wasn't good enough. My ridiculous acting was excessively ridiculous. The lighting was wrong…

CollegeLyfe: A photo hunt

1. A spontaneous moment
2. A compelling place
3. An other
4. Something on a different scale
5. Lush green growth
6. Something sinister
7. Something foreign
8. A map
9. Something tricky
10. Something burning up
11. Something content
12. A system

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CollegeLyfe: Photography - Light

Week 5 is based on light. I tried to modify my position to get a lot of different lighting conditions. I found "DPS: 9 Lighting Types to Harness & Improve Your Photography" really useful for ideas. I am hoping to do some more shooting in the future and add more to this.

The lighting conditions I had to work with were fairly direct, I was very happy with the lens flares I got and especially the lantern shots!

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How-to, a festival.

How-To Festival and Block Party This was the 3rd annual How-To Festival.

I've never been to a "How-To" festival before, It was very interesting! From writing prompts to 3D printing, a large variety of arts were present. My personal favorite were tech related of course. I learned that the Maine State Library UP room is a thing! While I haven't had the opportunity to work on projects, I hope to in the very near future!

I entirely understand that this video is not a production miracle. My goals are just to create. I've spent months watching videos on how to make videos... Yet I haven't been making them... So, I have to start somewhere. I am hoping to do a weekly Adventure log to be posted on Mondays. I just found my school has an open computer lab on Mondays! I am really excited to start working on a decent computer! I will be making more content as time goes on! My current interest are photography, Youtube videos, and Podcasting. I am working to build out those…

CollegeLyfe: Photography - Depth of field

Week 4... Which was 2 weeks ago...
Week 4 was based on Depth of Field. I got woefully behind due to some poor life choices (Yes, I do want to work a 60 hour work week! Great idea!) but I'm back on track and moving forward! I have got Adobe Lightroom working, which is what is running the lovely slide show you see above!

I did most of my work this week in Aperture mode, The Canon 80D has a touch screen... which made focusing a little bit of a cheat, but I also did some manual focusing. If some pictures appear out of focus... that's why.


CollegeLyfe: Laboratory.

The verb of science. As a rule, I love science. I especially love doing Labs. Lectures are theoretical. Most of the time you just sit and listen, maybe take notes, but unless you have prior experience you don't challenge the information. You just accept with as a possible theory. Then you go to the lab. In the lab (I say lab, but I mean any place you can apply theory to the world around you) is where science goes from something you read, something you're told, to something you experience. The laboratory, In whatever form it maybe, Is the verb of science.
I have the great opportunity to be taking Microbiology and Biology I this semester. Both require a lab book. AFTER I write and sign off on each report I am going to publish them here. NOTE: Plagiarism is illegal, unethical, and grounds for dismissal from an academic institute! Don't be dumb and just copy my work intro your lab book and expect it to fly... Not that I think anyone is looking at this blog to copy my work... …

CollegeLyfe: Capturing motion

It's kind of weird to be start blogging 3 weeks  into a semester, but I felt I wanted to share my college experiences and what I'm learning. So this post focuses on photography. This weeks assignments was to capture motion. I should go back and document what all the different shutter speeds were.... but that's a lot of work. Instead, just enjoy the motion captured! I tried capturing some panning, but It proved difficult, especially with a spastic kid as my subject... I finally did capture the first picture of his face mostly in focus.
I then tried to capture him in motion while keeping the rest of the scene clear. Some of the technical aspects of this photo aren't great. The sky is rather blown out, I'm still learning to work with color corrections...

 To capture a good motion blur I meant to go to an overpass and get a great shot, but that opportunity didn't come. The motion blur of this picture is the beast I could capture. It certainly didn't help that…