Friday, June 6, 2014

My journey into Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, mining...

...It all started one day on Reddit...

 ...with a long forgotten Bitcoin post on Reddit that sparked my curiosity.  I remembered hearing about Bitcoin years ago and thinking it was a small fad.  How do people ('Merica) really think they can just make their own money that's worth anything?  It isn't even physical money!

But, when people offer you free money, even monopoly money, you take it.

Monday, April 21, 2014

THAT unknown medical.

     You're called to residence for an unknown medical.  Short response time to scene.

     Once you arrive you gain access by unlocked door and find patient slumped to the right in a kitchen chair and moaning "oh my head, it hurts" over and over.  Patient responds to speech by only continued moans.  Patients medications suggest significant cardiac history.  Patient rapidly moved to stair chair and moved to ambulance.  While moving patient from the house he stops moaning and is no longer responding to voice, only painful stimulus.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 1 of V-logging... going swimmingly...

I said I was going to start V-logging and Blogging more. I'm trying, by George. I started just doing my morning. I get up, throw on clothes and go to the gym first thing. Then I'll come home and shower and have breakfast before heading to work. The only functional camera I have right now is my phone, a galaxy S3. So I don't have the best video quality by any means. I enjoyed making it though. I don't know If I'm going to try and get ahead a day? is that what People try and do mostly? I'll make my videos the day before and have them scheduled to post. I'll learn what works for me. With 135 days till Tough Mudder I'll have plenty of time to figure it out. I'll hopefully learn something and maybe even teach people some new tricks! I'm using Lightworks  for my video editing. It does have a bit of a learning curve. Once I figure it out I hope it will become a lot easier and have better looking product then what I was getting with something like you YouTube editor or movie maker.

That being said I'm going to start logging my daily stats for my 5K and weight! I'm rounding my time right now. My goal is a 5k in 21:00. I know the marines have a 3 miles in 21 minute benchmark. I don't wanna join the Marines, I just wanna keep up with one if I need to.

So stats!
Weight: 204.2
5K 29:30

I think I'm going to keep to one post a day unless I see something cool. So I'll be back tomorrow! If you like reading or watching me please, like, subscribe, or help me run my races this summer by donating! Here or on the button to the left!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Charity Runs for 2014!

Round is a shape right?
When I got married in the fall of 2012 I weighted a whopping 255 pounds (or 116Kg if you live anywhere but 'Merica). Unsurprisingly I don't have many pictures of myself except for my wedding pictures. I hated the way I looked. I felt gross. I couldn't be as active as I wanted. Between grumbling of being overweight I would eat whole boxes of Oreos. By myself. In one sitting. When I wasn't laying around at home I saw sitting at work waiting for a call or driving a truck. I sat. I ate. I played on the computer. I was sick and knew I needed to change.

Today I can happily say I have lost solid 50Lbs (23Kg). It wasn't instant. After getting serious about getting healthy it took a solid 6 months with a couple months of half assed efforts before that. It's a process. It's not easy and it takes time. In the end it is worth it.
This summer I am going to run 3 different charity runs. 
  1. The Color Run: for the Barbara Bush Children Hospital
  2. Color Me Rad: for the YMCA
  3. The Tough Mudder: for the Wounded Warrior Project

I'm just about as likely to say no to my wife...
Two color 5ks and a tough mudder. I want to do this mostly for myself but also to show that everyone can do it. Being healthy is just as much a choice as being unhealthy! I know, I've done both! So until my tough mudder in August I am going to start V-logging and writing about the journey of becoming healthier. I promise to be honest. It's unrealistic to expect someone from New England to go without ice cream. I mean really. Ben & Jerry's. So that's my plan! I'm hoping to get a GoPro by then and actually film the runs! We'll see! The only thing I can do is ask for your support! I would love to see comments, people running with me, people getting in shape together! If you can't run or don't want to then you can help me achieve my goals, help me run the races, and help great causes like Barbra Bush how has a huge impact in my hometown and the wounded warrior project who is just a great group; helping people who have earned that and SOOO much more. I've added a donation button below. This is going to go to Registration fee for the runs and anything above that will get donated to the respective charity!

I would love to be able to make a real donation to these folks! Anything beyond registration WILL get to them. Barbara Bush is just down the street so I could just run over! (get it? Punny!) Anyways! Thank you for reading my blog! Please share this and remember to check back with me!  and if you're thinking of helping I appreciate it! I'll see you soon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Host of new features coming everywhere!

It never fails! April always showers us with new technology and useful things to spend out time on!

Why just checking my tumblr this morning I found that they had finally released the new and improved tumblr pro...
Look at that daperness!
I know. It's a major overhaul of a previously amateur look and feel!

I honestly can't thin of anything that say sophisticated professional like a top hat! I mean look at that profile picture. I've been waiting for that hat for ages...

I just wish I could be as fancy in my hat as some of the new Google improvements! First off. Google has made it even easier to be the best employable geek you can be! Thanks to new innovations with Google+ AutoAwesome! As If you needed another reason to ditch facebook for the new and wonderful Google+!( Hit me up when you get there!) Anyways! I don't need to explain when this wonderful tutorial can walk you through making your resume (auto)awesome.

*sniff sniff, sigh* Google really can make miracles happen. It makes my heart warm knowing just how much they care and want us all to succeed! Not only are they revolutionizing your resume. They're making it easier for simple people to communicate and speed up communication of smart people! Don't believe me? Emojis Google is breaking down barriers with Emojis. those adorable little faces are streamlining communication across the board! finally! A world where I don't need to just imply sarcasm! I have an emoji to do it for me!

So simple. So elegant.

Almost as elegant as a selfie with THE David Hasselhoff. What. you haven't been photobombed by the Hasselhoff? Facebook user.
Look at that happiness! Not me BTW...
I'm serious! just post your selfie to Google+ and you'll be looking #hoffsome in no time.

Finally in a major scientific discovery! Pokemon. Pokemon have been discovered around the world and Google is looking for YOU to help harness the their power! Kind of like a Good Guy Team Rocket!

Now, I'm not saying I literally did I happy dance when I saw this I did. However, I think I'm doing pretty well. I mean I'm no master yet but I've got hours yet to put in!
So That's what I've found so far for great new technologies on this lovely spring day! We'll see what mischief is managed today!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Anime Boston 2014 recap!

Wow. Just Wow! This was my first ever Con so I had no idea what to expect. In many aspects it was great and terrible. Having lived in Maine my whole life I've never really ran into the problem of literally thousands of people trying to fit into a much smaller space. Trying to get into the first showing of Attack on Titan was comparable to going to a Best buy on black Friday. The line almost circled the hynes convention center...

The line went from outside exsibit hall D down the small hallway, all the way down and back Boylston hallway and half way to pre function hall C! That's when I got in a half hour before. we didn't make it into the showing on Saturday. Luckily they added one one Sunday. It was amazing and worth the wait.

From what I've learned a large part of the issue was the fact that Anime Boston is trying to slim down and focus on just anime. Panels were cut and sadly panels had to turn many people away because thy couldn't fill slots like in years past. I'm hoping this is just a growing period and will be fixed next year. This years security was unsurprisingly tight after the events of last years Boston Marathon. While I understand and appreciate the increased security it didn't make it any easier to get around. Staff and volunteers were... rude. I have volunteered for big events before and I understand it's stressful and annoying. Screaming at attendees doesn't make you feel better or help the problem. The fact that they had an extra 4,000 people in attendance clearly didn't help matters.

So While they had some major issues Anime Boston can be expected to see me again next year if the stars align.

It was really fun! I sat in on only one panel sadly. High tech Cosplay hosted by Brian Chan, Maker of everything. Who went over some great points of not only using advanced technology like lazer cutting and 3D printing but had a whole crew to talk about lighting and motor control.
Myself and A Clair Cosplayer

Seeing the Cosplayers and Cosplaying was of course my favorite part! This year I was Ash KetchumI was honestly shocked the first time someone asked for my picture. This was my first cosplay ever. When I got asked I asked them why before i realized  I was dressed as my favorite childhood hero! I had already seen more then a few Ash cosplayers and I didn't think anyone would care to take a picture of another Ash Ketchum! I'm really glad I did it though! People got pictures of me. I got pictures with people and of people. I know my cosplay this year was pretty simple. I'm okay with that seeing as it's my first. Next year though will be different! I've started planning out what I want to do already and it's going to be an order of magnitude cooler... You'll just have to wait and see!

Myself and some of the Eveloution sister

Now, I have a whole album I'll link/embed below! I've got a bunch of stuff posted to Twitter and Tumblr. If you see someone you know in one of my pictures PLEASE! let me know so I can credit them! I have to find a better way to give credit to people. I hate to stop people for long periods of time but I also don't want these people to loose out on getting their great works known!

My Backpack

Friday, February 7, 2014

Norepinephrine(Levophed) usage in ME EMS protocol

From the ME EMS Protocols:

A. Preperation - Mix NOREPINephrine 8 mg in 250 ml NS. 

B. Dosing - Starting Dose is NOREPINephrine 0.03  μg(mcg)/kg/min. Titrate by 0.03 μg(mcg)/kg/min every 3-5 minutes. Usual dose is 0.03-0.25 μg(mcg)/kg/min. Usual max dose is 0.6 μg(mcg)/kg/min. Absolute max dose is 3 μg(mcg)/kg/min

C. Titrate to maintain SBP greater than 90 mm Hg.

For 2013 the Medical Direction and Practice Board decided to move away from Dopamine to Norepinephrine. I am no doctor (yet) but I'm guessing it has to do with some of these studies (2,3). 

 A subgroup analysis showed that dopamine, as compared with norepinephrine, was associated with an increased rate of death at 28 days among the 280 patients with cardiogenic shock but not among the 1044 patients with septic shock or the 263 with hypovolemic shock - Daniel De Backer, M.D., Ph.D., Patrick Biston, M.D., Jacques Devriendt, M.D.... for the SOAP II Investigators
 Medicine is called a practice for a reason. We are constantly learning, discovering, and fine tuning treatments, ideas, and methods. This literature is showing us that Norepinepherine could be a better choice in choosing a what drugs we use in our sickest of patients. So starting December 2013 these updates were released. By March of 2014 all services in Maine have to have IV pumps and provided the proper training and education. While I'm still an Advance I'm not getting that training but I like to harass medics so hopefully I'll know how to work them by then. When we had Dopamine paramedics had to be able to calculate the drip rate using a 60gtts drip set. Good skills to have and more then a few Medics still want to keep that and don't trust machines to do our work (rightfully so!). Being the terrible mathematician I am I had to sit down and work hard to learn the drip rate formula.

After searching the internet I finally found one I liked.

DD = Desired Dose

Wt = Weight
DS = Dolution Set
C = Concentration
T = Time

With Norepinephrine the starting dose is 0.03μg(mcg)/kg/Min. We're going to use my weight of 96kg and a 60gtts drip set. Our drug concentration is 8mg (which is 8000 in μg(mcg)) in 250ml which equals 32μg(mcg) per 1ml

Punching this into our equation we get:
 0.03μg(mcg)/kg x 96kg x 60gtts/ml
32μg(mcg)/ml x min

Did I mention this is a tiny amount? It is.

Cross out common factors:
0.03μg(mcg)/kg x 96kg x 60gtts/ml
32μg(mcg)/ml x min

0.03 x 96 x 60 = 172.8

173/32 =  5.4 ml/hr OR 5gtts/min

DD x Wt x DS
C x T

Easy right?

I'll be interested so see if this choice changes at all in the next couple years. The MDPB chooses everything, including dosages. A quick look shows that no one starts out with that dose of 0.03μg(mcg)/kg/min.

Most others I've seen mentioned in articles and forums say similar things. I have yet to find anything using 0.03. Ether way the MDPB spent time, energy, and brain power deciding on these. I would like to see it in the field. We'll see if it gets any action when it's up and running. Until then!

Does anyone else carry Levophed? Have you used it in the field and what were the results?